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Johnny Helmberger

“Why Isn’t Our Strategy Working?”

October 30, 2020
Categories: Coaching | Mindset | Strategy

Strategies don’t work. Even the best strategies don’t work. In Harvard Business Review’s June 22nd piece “6 Reasons Your Strategy Isn’t Working,” Michael Beer lists six things that certainly get in the way, but they don’t cut to the single, ultimate reason a strategy doesn’t work. So often we see the strategy already in play isn’t even being executed. If you successfully solved for all six of Beer’s items and your team’s mindset isn’t aligned with the strategy, the outcome you’re looking for will remain elusive.

If you aren’t sure about mindset, consider the mini-series co-produced by ESPN Films and Netflix, “The Last Dance,” following how Michael Jordan’s mindset for excellence was contagious across the Chicago Bulls with Head Coach Phil Jackson’s reinforcing and multiplying effect. Despite all the drama in and around the Bulls, their mindset won them 6 championships. The 80/20 principal has been applied to mindset/strategy by life coaches like Tony Robbins. It could even be said Beer’s “6 Reasons” can be solved by a unified mindset similar to what we saw in the the Bulls of the 90’s. Suffice it to say mindset should be a priority.

Whether you already have the world’s greatest strategy or we co-create it with you, taking care to ensure mindset alignment yields stronger execution, but also may be the difference of whether or not you even execute at all. Having an approach to validating and/or creating strategy as necessary that’s followed by coaching resources to support teams around the strategy will create velocity. You might not win the next NBA Championship, but you can sure wear the new Nike Air Jordan XXXV “DNA” kicks to our information session should you want to talk about what Strategy + Mindset might look like for you. To book an information session or for more information on Velocity Sprints visit our main page at