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Johnny Helmberger

Identity, Infinite Game, and “Lost Battles”

October 20, 2020
Categories: Coaching | Consulting | Mindset | Strategy

Things don’t always go as expected. Whether yesterday (or last quarter, etc.) was good or bad, it’s more mindset than reality. What’s real is right now. Imagine your ideal future business identity, and even though that may seem imagined, the yesterday is but a memory and no more real. Take the future identity and be that today, be it 100%. If your mission is the bridge between your vision and execution, that vision is the clear future identity (think big), and execution is consistent movement towards that future, “lost battles” are merely optics or perspective. This is the infinite game. You have all the resources you need to play for the future today, win, and do it again tomorrow, and more importantly be the business you set out to be. Let us show you.